Since 2005 Fresno Feed My Sheep Ministry has been serving the West Side of Fresno. We pray for the capacity and ability to do more. We have been blessed with some wonderful support over the years from many persons and organizations. Thank you all for your support and prayers.


We have land that we are seeking to build a new church and food warehouse. We need your help in building capacity so that we may grow to serve more people.  We are asking for help with these areas;


  1. We are praying for a Full time Ministry Administrator to help us grow and manage multiple areas.
  2. We are praying for Office Space, Office Equipment, Desks, Conference Room, etc.
  3. We are praying for Vehicles to help the ministry with tasks. Hoping for 2 large vans and 2 Cargo Vans. Also, Insurance for the vehicles.
  4. We are seeking part time volunteer Receptionists.
  5. We are seeking experienced Grant Writers to research and write / apply for grants.
  6. We are praying about a Local Kids hangout, where the wonderful Children and Teens can have safe and friendly place to gather and play.
  7. We are praying for a Low or No cost Daycare facility that has God at the helm.
  8. We are praying for jobs, right in the neighborhood. dozens of jobs to help our community work.
  9.  We are praying for funds to do these works in the West Side of Fresno and in the Central Valley.


Make this Your Mission Giving

Your Contribution Will Help Support These Worthy Outreach Activities.

  • Feed A Family- Help Feed Families in their Time of Need.
  • Kids Stop the Violence Bicycle Repair Outreach
  • Support of Single Mothers & Gang Prevention
  • Feed My Sheep Ministries Men’s In-Patient Recovery Program Home
  • Stop the Violence Block Parties & Carnivals Outreach
  • Computers for Computer Learning Centers


To help finance these ministries, any donated vehicle will be sold to raise funds to finance Ministry Outreach projects.  We will Provide DMV Paperwork and a Tax Donation Receipt.

Bicycle Donations.

Feed My Sheep Ministries continues repairing bike’s with the kids while mentoring them. Teaching them the right way to live, Gangs, Drugs, and Violence is Not the way. Educating them in obeying parents, respecting property, importance of education in school and becoming productive young people. At the same time we are sharing the Word of God. Any bicycles or parts donated will graciously be appreciated to help breathe new life into these kids. We Thank You.

If you have a heart to give your time, monetary or any other donation to the church or other Feed My Sheep Ministries Outreach activities, Please see our contact page or click the Donate link.

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